Learn More About Data Privacy and Security

Hello everyone, welcome to another episode of Data Points. With all the Facebook scandal discussion in full force this week, it only makes sense for us to bring you some articles about data privacy and security.
I remember visiting Silicon Valley and talking with few of the executives of major companies like eBay couple years ago, and one of them told me: “If you haven’t choose a field, choose data security, it is going to be the biggest thing in the next 10 years.”
Indeed it has become one of the biggest pain for companies, not only to prevent their data from being maliciously stolen, but also using their data in a responsible way that is adherent to moral and legal standards.
This week, we are going to examine few of the biggest topics of discussions in the topic of data security and privacy, ranging from EU’s new data protection law, to block chain — the “future” of transparent data technology.
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