Best Big Data Applications for Business and Data Analytics

Big data applications believe that companies think that a company's data is new oil, because companies face how to mine valuable oil for profit? Think of it as data in lakes, pipelines, and warehouses to get the business and enterprise market gaps as channels to help answer calls and grow the business going forward. Therefore, Analytics Insight rounds up the top big data tools of 2023. Here are the best Big Data software for business and data analysis:

1. Apache Hadoop

Apache Hadoop, appeared in 2005 which is open software that is used to store data and run software in a cluster or one unit.

Hadoop can connect lots of personal computers to work together and be connected to each other in their use. Hadoop can store and process large amounts of data in a distributed manner using the MapReduce programming model. In addition, storage can also be parallel in clusters with hundreds of servers because it consists of thousands of computers. Users can also increase the cluster size by adding new nodes as needed without downtime.

2. MongoDB

MongoDB, the platform founded by Kevin Ryan, Eliot Horowitz, and Dwight Meriman is one of the next generation databases that helps in business development using an open and trusted NoSQL concept. MongoDB is popular among developers because it has advantages in its strength which has flexibility compared to the Apache Hadoop program written in C++ and data storage does not use tables but uses structured documents such as JSON. In addition, MongoDB features high performance, automatic scaling, and high availability. MongoDB makes use of Javascript to operate aggregation, indexing, CRUD and various other database operations.

3. Pentaho

Pentaho is a comprehensive solution that supports the entire big data cycle within the enterprise. Big data analytics at Pentaho offers a wide variety of analytical solutions to access data and integrate into visualization and predictive analytics. At Pentaho, we can see various kinds of information from owned data which is presented in the form of an interactive report. Pentaho has several functions such as data analysis, generating scheduled or on-demand reports using various formats, creating Pentaho Dashboards, and conducting data mining.

4. Cassandra

Apache Cassandra is an open source product for managing databases distributed by Apache which is scalable and designed to manage very large data circulating on many servers. Cassandra is a leading NoSQL that is suitable for hybrid and multi cloud environments. In addition, access performance is getting faster as a result of which NoSQL is getting more and more popular these days. Several large companies have used Cassandra such as Facebook, IBM, Digg, Reddit, Apple, Twitter, and others.

5. RapidMiner

RapidMiner is one of the application platforms (software) developed in 2001 for big data science teams that combines data preparation, machine learning, and predictive modeling applications. In addition, RapidMiner is also a free open application for data and text mining as well as the most powerful and intuitive graphical interface for the design of the analysis process. It is used for commercial as well as business, research, coaching, education, rapid prototyping, and software development that supports all steps of the learning process including data preparation, visualization results, sample validation, and optimal improvement.